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James Lindsay

Born in Christchurch New Zealand, James Lindsay is a 19 Year old singer songwriter who has just released his debut three track E.P ‘I made this in my bedroom’

James spent his high-school years busking on the streets of his hometown Christchurch as a part time job, it was these early experiences with performing for others that sparked James’s passion to pursue music as more than just a hobby. This passion proved impossible to ignore and after high-school he moved to Wellington to study and pursue music. James describes his music as ‘indie pop', that combines personal lyrics with pop sensibilities and hook driven verses and choruses.

Something that sets James apart from his peers while live on stage is his use of Ableton software and a loop-station to perform his tracks solo, a style of performance made popular by artists such as ‘FKJ’ and ‘Ed Sheeran’. James is currently studying commercial music at Massey University in Wellington.

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