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Kaysha Bowler

Kaysha Bowler is an interface developer, sound artist and lighting designer from Wellington, New Zealand. An inaugural graduate of Music Technology from Massey University’s School of Music and Creative Media Production, she is interested in developing embodied technologies for live performance and manipulation. Her interests lie in electronic music and interaction, specifically focusing on the impact that technology brings to the field through the amalgamation of current and new technologies. Kaysha is attentive towards traversing traditional conventions, where she aims to explore new timbres and states of being through her research and experimentation with modern technology.

In January 2018, Kaysha went on the road as the lighting designer for Neil and Liam Finn’s “Where’s My Room?” Tour of New Zealand. Her time on tour inspired her recent creative works, which has manifested in designing intuitive technologies (such as plex) that attempt to encourage musicians to aesthetically interact and integrate visual manipulation into their live performances. Through this work, she aspires to present artists with tools that enable them to transcend themselves through the deliverance of immersive musical performances, with cutting-edge technologies.

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