Random Questions with GingerKiss

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This coming Friday Something Something will be moving into MOON 1 to revitalise the infamous Club Sandwich club night, once enjoyed by Goldsmith London University students and now us.

We kicked it with Crystal aka GingerKiss, an emerging hip hop/trap artist coming out of Wellington with a dreamy minimal sound comprising of some raw free-styled verses, trap accents and soft vocals. Crystal will be performing alongside the local lineup this Friday at Moon!

From her personal perspective of being behind a mic on stage to her basic pantry necessities, we explore the random unknown facts about Crystal to get a slightly deeper look into the artist and what we can expect in anticipation for this upcoming show.

Since moving from Featherston, how has Wellington culture influenced or shaped you as an artist?

Crystal: When I moved to Wellington I started going to gigs and found that I was more attracted to the crazier/rowdy shows, so this has influenced my own music and the way that I perform.

Top five artists you’re listening to right now?

Crystal: JPEG Mafia, Tommy Genesis, IAMDDB, Rico Nasty, Ski Mask The Slump God.

Favourite aspect of live performance?

Crystal: Being in the moment, being so out of my comfort zone that I don’t have time to doubt myself. Also being able to express a song differently than the recorded version.

Least favourite aspect of live performance?

Crystal: The nerves beforehand, honestly the days leading up I question my whole music thing and tell myself I’m never doing this again! I somehow get over that after the show. But it sucks nonetheless haha.

Is there anything random that inspires your creative process when making music?

Crystal: I’ve used samples of washing lines, car alarm, boiling water. It makes the music all the better cause it’s like damn yeah that’s a washing line and I’ve made it into a whole other thing.

In what way would say social media and the online world influences the way you create and put out music?

Crystal: This is something I’m always thinking about! There’s so many ways it influences me, good and bad. Mostly bad to be honest, because I see all these artists doing things and I can’t help but feel like what I’m doing is pointless sometimes, which probably is why I struggle with releasing music.

Being a part of genre dominated by predominantly male artists, do you find there’s any expectation for you to sing about something in particular?

Crystal: This question is hard because I really never think about what people might expect of my music. If anything I’m focused on making stuff that is as authentic to myself as possible. My favourite lyrics are always the ones that I free-styled on a whim. If people are expecting certain topics in my music, they will be surprised to hear I have a song about living my life as a Sim, in a Sim world. lol.

If you could give Wellington a genre what would it be?

Crystal: Something with guitar bass and drums.

Top 3 things you will always find in your pantry?

Bhuja mix


Soup sachets

What’s one of your guilty pleasure songs?

Crystal: Miley Cyrus ~ 7 things

One pet peeve?

Crystal: When people get straws from McDonalds.

Lastly in anticipation to your upcoming Club Sandwich gig this Friday where can we find your tunes for a teaser at what we can expect?

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gingrkiss

Click here for all your Club Sandwich deets coming to you this Friday, to see GingerKiss and a few other stunning local artists!