Oh Sweet Nothings

Oh Sweet Nothings are a Wellington-based indie/post-alternative/post-post-punk 3-sometimes-4-piece project, known for their whimsical and off-kilter approach to songwriting as well as their erratic live performances. Their sound can be described as: protean blends of 90's alt-rock, 2000's stoner rock, and 2010's post-punk, with hints of shoegaze and avant-garde.

Their lyrics are equal parts cynically irreverent and covertly optimistic, stemming from personal woes of living in a small city with a big dream, in a world running out of time... They flirt with pop song sensibilities in their songwriting, but frequently subvert such conventions in favour of piquing the ear of the jaded music critic and/or inattentive listener, offering a fresh take on formulas done to death.

Currently on the rise up out of obscurity and fast becoming prominent members of the Wellington underground scene, they have played almost every venue in the city, put on various DIY flat gigs and recently performed a 4-song set on Wellington's

The band has been through a few line-up and name changes, originally spawning from the project "Valve" who opened for Shihad in 2011 and confounded audience members with their fervid performance at the 2012 Smoke Free RockQuest Wellington Regional Finals (known then as The Screaming Manatees).

Their upcoming debut EP "Emergency Procedures" is the result of refining years of chaotic bedroom jam sessions into a coherent sneak peak into a surreal auditory world, inhabited by dark truths and repressed desires.

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