Something Something Multi-Room Festival Timetable is Out!

The Something Something multi-room festival timetable is out - 3 stages, 8 acts and 1 great night come together Friday the 1st of March.

Join the Something Something club and MWASA from 8pm in Block 1 of Massey University, as they do orientation the right way - with a gig showcasing the best of what Wellington scene and the School of Music Massey music has to offer.


Androgynous Lemon
Art School
Coastal Promotions
Hybrid Rose

Limited Early Bird $5+ booking fee
Regular tickets $10+ booking fee

Catch these great acts live at SoSo club’s newest venue; located right on Massey’s Wellington campus, with the best acoustics around to celebrate the best music. You’re welcome.

Come along; this is your chance to see the grooviest artists your new city has to offer. Tickets are available at Under The Radar.

This event is R-17.
Bring ID to show you are over 18 if you wish to purchase from the bar.

8pm Friday 2nd March, located in Block 1 of Massey University of Wellington.