REVIEW: Sunset Moon: Ingrid and the Ministers, Sog and Plaines

Artwork by Izzy Spencer-owen

Artwork by Izzy Spencer-owen

Something Something’s Official Gig Review Checklist

Here at Something Something, we feel that gig reviews tend to ignore the basics, bag on the hard working musicians, and leave little room for the next artists to improve their events. At the end of the day sometimes you just want to know if there is good selfie lighting or a solid drink special. However we’ve constructed a ‘Gig Review Checklist’ through the lens of an industry perspective.

This is how we felt Ingrid and the Ministers, Sog and Plaines did for their Sunset Moon gig on Thursday.

We’ve scored them out of one to five SOMETHINGS in each of our crucial gig requirements:

(1 being ‘not your best’, 5 being ‘wow amazing!’)

Promotions: 3 SOMETHINGS

Pretty standard, Facebook event, shared quite well but could’ve been posted possibly more by the artists on instagram, and this could be a reflection of the turnout.


Turnout: 2.5 SOMETHINGS

This gig would have definitely benefited from a better turnout, I wouldn’t say it was empty however there was possibly just a tad too much dancing space.


Atmosphere: 4 SOMETHINGS

Very mellow crowd, almost felt like a drinks with friends involving live music and wasn’t intimidating in the slightest. Which is a good thing by the way.



No complaints on sound for this one, the band’s were absolutely on form and the lineup flowed delightfully. Was in no way a waste of my ten dollars.



If you haven’t been to Moon before, then you’re missing out on this quirky little chestnut in the heart of Newtown. Themed to look like a spaceship, it’s a perfect suburban venue. Plenty of places to park and multiple buses from anywhere in the city to get yourself to the party.


Bathroom: 5 SOMETHINGS

Not one line all night, Moon possibly has one of the nicest bathroom situations. Sticking with its outer space theme, it’s paired with quite dim lighting (not sure if that was done intentionally) and irregular shaped mirrors, perfect for a selfie.


Bar/food: 3.5 SOMETHINGS

If you’re on the look out for a cosmo or an espresso martini, you have definitely come to the wrong place. However their selection of beer and pizza (perfect combo?) saves them in this column.  


Merchandise: 2 SOMETHINGS

If i’m not mistaken I could only see stickers for sale at this gig, so little variety. However the stickers that were sold from Ingrid and the Ministers were pretty alluring to my wallet.


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